"Christin is a rock star! I've been seeing her for five or six years now. She's cut me short, long and everywhere in between. She's colored me every hue under the sun. And everytime it has been perfect. I'm a visual artist and a guitarist in a rock band. So, as you might imagine, I always need a new hip look every few months. Christin understands. She is always studying new hair trends, music and fashion. She knows what it takes to look like a rock star (I mean, look at her). I'm also a graphic designer so there are times I need to look professional, and Christin knows how to create an amazing style that can go from the conference room to the club in a matter of minutes. She knows the importance of texutre in cut and color, she's studied with the best in the industry, she's got the experience, and most of all she knows cool. Conservative or wild, Christin can create the right style for you. If you want a change or you just want to refresh your cut and color, she is the one."

John Ryan Moore

Christin Cobb has been my hair dresser for nine years. Growing up with a southern mother has tought me that hair and shoes are number one priority. No, really. I have had great hair dressers, and wondered where I would find the next when going through life changes. I found Christin, and have never let another soul touch my hair since. When pondering leaving the Dallas area, my thought has never been, "How will I ever find such a great hair dresser?"; rather, it has been, "Well, I will have to make time to go back to see Christin."


Congratulations on your recent article in the Dallas Morning news. You are truly deserving of the accolades. In the past 13 years you have seen my hair through many stages, from my fun hip nightclub days, professional cuts that still look trendy to many shades and highlights that I always love.
In my career as an executive with Beauty Giant Estee Lauder, One day I can be in meetings with the directors of Neiman Marcus and the next day be on stage with Fashion Icons such as Michael Kors, you always strike a perfect balance with my hair that allows me to work many rolls and still look fabulous.
I am certain we will enjoy another 13 years of fun times and great hair in your salon!

Rod Morris
Aramis and Designer Fragrances
Estee Lauder Companies


"As the owner of SELECT Salon, hailed as Dallas' most fashion forward salon by D Magazine, I must say that Christin Cobb is truely a work of art. From her rock and roll fashion sense to the cutting edge hair styles she creates for her friends and clients, this girl ROCKS! I am very proud to claim Christin as one of SELECT Salon's premier image makers. A word of advice, book your appointment before you need it as Christin is in high demand!"

Mark Mahan

As I lawyer, I must always look professional; but professional doesn’t have to mean boring. Christin has been styling my hair for over 12 years, and I’ve not let anyone else touch my hair since that first cut! My look has evolved over the years from long to short, from smooth to spiky. At all times it is appropriate for any social or professional situation and is always stylish. I am at ease letting Christin practice her art, and I have never once been disappointed—I can’t say that about anyone else who did my hair before. For those afraid of color (like I was), Christin is a master. After some gentle prodding on her part, I let Christin color my hair. She added beautiful highlights that showed off the cut to its best advantage and made me wonder why I hadn’t been coloring my hair for years! Since those first few highlights, Christin has changed me to a blonde, a redhead and an edgy tri-color. The color always complements my skin tone and shows off her masterful styling. I’ve recommended Christin to many people, and I don’t know a single one who was disappointed in her work. In fact, I think most of them still go to Christin exclusively! I’ll continue to recommend Christin Cobb to anyone who wants a fashionable hair style comparable to those seen in exclusive fashion magazines.

Betsy Horn
If I had to count how many times I hear, “I love your hair”, I don’t think I could give an accurate number after all these years with Christin. While I work in a somewhat conservative environment at SMU, Christin has always kept me cutting edge. Whether I was in my blonde, red or multi phase, Christin’s skills and talents have always shone through. She is constantly improving her skills and talents. Christin not only keeps up with the current trends—she sets them!!!

Sandra Mitchell Obregon
Associate Director, SMU, Dallas
Anyone can tell a story, so here goes. When the scissors hit Christin's extraordinary hands at Select Salon...you sit down...she works her magic...you listen to new music...shoot the breeze and when the mirror hits you afterwards...ummm.. just be ready for your close up. Enough said. Christin rocks! Thats my story. Put it on ice and serve well.

Chris Sumpter

I’ve been going to Christin for over ten years and she’s always made me look great! The industry that I work in requires that you stay hip and fashionable; Christin has consistently made that happen for me. She is the single most talented stylist in DFW area. I’ve referred artists and industry personalities to her and they have all been amazed by the transformation that she created. Whether you are looking for a clean conservative look or something wilder, Christin has the unique ability to understand your needs and deliver them. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!

Tracy Brown
CO5 Music, LLC/CO5 Management, LLC
Artist Management and Promotion